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Class Supply List


With the implementation of a full-day program, we are looking forward to meeting the developmental needs of each and every student by having more time to do so within the longer school day. The full-day model will allow students the opportunity to have more time for social interaction and developmental activities. The morning portion of the day will be dedicated to the delivery of academic-rich instruction and the second half of the day to enrichment, playtime, socialization, physical education, music, and library. We will have our prospective Kindergartners return in the Spring for a pre-assessment which will help us get to know the children before the first day of school and help us prepare for their specific learning needs. In the meantime, our Kindergarten team will be supported in the adjustment to the full-day schedule by being provided time to plan and gather information from other schools that have provided the full-day model so we may consider researched best practices that have been successful in implementation. In addition, our Kindergarten learning team will engage and collaborate in instructional conversations so that they can best determine what the structure of the day will look like to provide the best learning experience for their students for this upcoming year.