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Parent Resources


Looking for help before or after school? Here are a few local daycare options:

The YMCA daycare facility is on site and their phone number and email address appears below. Also listed are phone numbers for daycare providers close to Valhalla Elementary. It is always recommended that you do your own background check on these daycares. We can’t recommend anybody in particular, but the providers are all close to Valhalla, and may pick their students up on campus.

Daycare Centers:

Child Time (925) 947-6800 (bus pickup)

Stepping Stones (925) 933-6520

YMCA (925) 674-1676 (on site) (have a TK program that provides care until 2:45pm)

Site Director Julie Mendenhall:

Child Care Director Vicki Coster:

Kidtime (925) 930-6550 (bus pickup)


In-Home Daycare Providers:

Sandi Bonnell (925) 357-7651 (corner of Kiki Dr and Stugun Ct)

Laura Nunes Slininger (925) 586-4671 (corner of Odin Dr and Kiki Dr)

Farideh’s Childcare (925) 231-5924 (near Muir Rd and Morello Ave)


Afaf Dayeh will just drop off/pick up from student homes to/from school, no care (925) 408-5890

Daily Academic Options
  • Read, or be read to (20 min. for K-2 students, 30 min. for 3rd-5th graders)
  • Journal Writing
    • K/1 - Practice writing the alphabet or sight words, draw a picture and write a sentence or two about it.
    • 2-5 - Record daily thoughts, 3 Gratittudes, memorable events, etc.
  • Practice Math Facts (make it fun!)
  • Complete an activity from the Choice Board 
  • Complete one hour of physical activity - outside or inside.
  • Utilize online learning options:
  • Complete i-Ready Reading lessons (no more than 2/day) 
  • Complete i-Ready Math lessons (no more than 2/day)
  • Practice typing skills
  • Explore available resources and activities in


Online Resources from our Librarian, Mrs. Neys:

Click here to access Destiny

Click here to access Storyline Online 

Click here to access Storytime from Space