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Valhalla Elementary School

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Absence Reporting

Call 925-687-1700, between 7:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m. 

*By writing a note

*By e-mail

Please report your child's name, grade and teacher, date of absence, the reason for the absence and your name and relationship to the child. 

District policy states that absences must be cleared within 72 hours after students returns to school. If no notification is received, the absence will be considered a truancy.

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All-In-One Registration Day - Tuesday, August 9!

Please come to Thor Hall (large building next to the office where lunch is served) at the times listed below by last name.

3pm-4pm Q-Z

4pm-5pm M-P

5pm-6pm E-L

6pm-7pm A-D

If you cannot make your timeslot, you are more than welcome to come when it is convenient for you.

At All-In-One Day, you can drop off any additional registration items (physical/dental/immunizations that are due - mostly TK/K), sign up for Homelink (necessary for ALL MDUSD families), learn about the VPFA, purchase (or pre-order) spirit wear, donate to the general classroom fund which will get split between all teachers, and more.

First Day of School is Thursday, August 11, 2022

Click here for the 2022-23 MDUSD academic calendar

2022-2023 Kindergarten Registration

All children that were born Sept 2, 2016 - Sept 1, 2017 are eligible to join our 2022-2023 Kindergarten class. 

If your child, or a child you know of, is eligible for kindergarten please visit MDUSD's online enrollment to enroll that child online.


If your child will be in our Kindergarten class, after you have completed the online enrollment you can come into our office and pick up a packet for in-person registration.

Our office hours are 8:00am-3:30pm. You may come by at any time to pick up a packet with paper forms to be filled out.


The paperwork needed to complete registration:

1. The print out of your student’s online enrollment from AIR, with the last page signed by the parent/guardian.

2. 2 proofs of residency verification (2), PLUS a valid CA driver's license or Passport. Items that are acceptable for proof of residency:

     1. Valid Vehicle Registration

     2. State or Federal Tax Return within the last 12 months

     3. Current Voter Registration Receipt

     4. Other Forms of Government Communication (Stimulus, etc.)

     5. Property Tax Bill

     6. Rental/Lease Agreement

     7. Payroll Stubs/Check

     (Two original forms are required and they cannot be of the same type. They must have a parent/guardian’s name and show your current address in the Valhalla attendance zone. Please bring the original AND photocopy of both residency verifications AND your Driver’s License/Passport.)

3. Home Language Survey

4. TK/K Questionnaire (green)

5. Student Medical Form (white)

6. Immunization Records (a copy we can keep)

7. Student Emergency Card (purple)

8. Original Birth Certificate AND a copy


Items that are not needed for in-person registration, but that will be due at the “All in One” day on Tuesday, August 9th:

1. Physical Exam – 5 year checkup (completed AFTER March 1, 2022)

2. Dental Exam – Must be completed within one year prior to school starting (August 12, 2021-August 11, 2022).


Once you have all of your documents, please call us at the office to make an appointment to do your in-person registration.

Thank you!


2022-2023 TK Registration

All children born Sept 2, 2017 - Feb 2, 2018 are eligible to join the 2022-2023 Transitional Kindergarten class.

If your child, or a child you know of, is eligible for the TK class please visit MDUSD's online enrollment to enroll that child online.

If your child is going to be in the Transitional Kindergarten class, you will be registering with our District Office. Please fill out THIS FORM to sign up to finish registration. More information can be found on our district website HERE

TK assignment will be based on your school of residence's cluster as well as the number of students enrolled.

COVID-19 Testing

The Mt. Diablo School District is offering free COVID-19 testing. Regular testing is not required, but is being offered.

Please visit this website for more information.

Pastries with Pappas
Pastries with Pappas

We will have 'Pastries with Pappas' each month, the Friday after the VPFA meeting.

A California Distinguished School Badge
Kindness Certified School 2019 Badge
Shake Out 2021
School Schedule


Click here to be directed to school bell schedule

Valhalla Events

Due to COVID 19, we are only allowing parent volunteers as visitors. Volunteers should get their fingerprints done, have a valid TB test on file, and show that they have been vaccinated. Please visit this website for more information.

Please remember that all visitors must check in at the school office between the hours of 8:20 a.m. - 2:35 p.m. A "visitor" badge must be worn at all times.