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Valhalla Elementary School

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Absence Reporting

Call 925-687-1700, between 7:30 a.m - 3:30 p.m. 

*By writing a note

*By e-mail

Please report your child's name, grade and teacher, date of absence, the reason for the absence and your name and relationship to the child. 

District policy states that absences must be cleared within 72 hours after students returns to school. If no notification is received, the absence will be considered a truancy.


Have you read our Valhalla Newsletter?  

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Welcome Back Vikings

Important Hybrid/Distance Learning (DL) Information:

Hello Valhalla Families!

We are grateful for the successful reopening of Valhalla! Below are answers to questions I've been receiving:

Am I am to move my child from DL to Hybrid or from Hybrid to DL?

Yes! We are happy to accommodate any changes you need to make to your current enrollment in either DL or Hybrid. Please either walk into the office or give us a call. We'll take your name and number down and get back to you in a few days.

Is any additional paperwork required before students begin in-person learning?

Yes. Families must complete the MDUSD Family Compact in English google form (or MDUSD Family Compact in Spanish google form) before returning to in-person learning.

In addition, all students must complete a daily health attestation: Daily Student Health Form: link English or Daily Student Health Form: link Spanish

*Paper versions are available for both the compact and attestation in the office.

Will I be able to walk my child to their classroom?

Kinder & TK parents can walk their children directly to their door. For grades 1-5, you may walk your child to the front of the school and say goodbyes there, since we must limit the campus to students and staff only.

What are the hours and where do we meet?

Hybrid and DL learning starts at 12:30 PM. TK and Kinder classes will dismiss at 2:45 PM. Grades 1-5 will end their day at 2:50 PM.

All students will go directly to their classrooms when they arrive.

Supervision starts at 12:20 PM; please do not arrive early. We are asking students to report directly to their classrooms when they arrive. We need to sanitize playground equipment between each hybrid class and we are asking students to refrain from playing before and after our hybrid classes to ensure everyone's safety.

Where do we pick students up at the end of the day?

Students who walk home will leave campus when class is dismissed. Students who are picked up by car will wait for you in the pick up circle (like last year) with myself or a noon supervisor. All other students will walk down with their teachers at the front of the school, to wait for their caregiver to pick them up on foot.

Can students bring food to school? Can they bring water bottles?

No food, please. Yes, we encourage students to bring filled water bottles to school. With the exception of our water-filling station in Thor Hall, all drinking fountains have been turned off.

Are there new norms and protocols to follow?

Yes. Below I have included the link for our new Valhalla Hybrid/DL Handbook. Our COVID-19 school safety plan includes stable groups, social distancing, face coverings, health screenings, healthy hygiene practices, and the identification and tracing of contacts as needed. Valhalla Hybrid/DL Handbook

*Paper copies are available of the Valhalla Hybrid/DL Handbook in the office.

What happens if my child doesn't feel well at school?

We will contact you and then wait with your child in our health room. Please pick them up as soon as possible.

Will my child have less virtual instruction time with their current teacher?

Yes. Many teachers have exceeded the 90 minute or 120 minute daily expectation to provide additional learning opportunities throughout this pandemic. Teachers need to modify instructional times when we transition to our hybrid/DL model because they need to be available for afternoon instruction.

Will students who remain in distance learning miss out on core instruction?

No. Core instruction will occur during the morning sessions. In the afternoons, teacher will offer additional academic support as needed. Socio-emotional learning will be prioritized.

Will students who are not participating in hybrid instruction receive additional teaching time in the afternoons?

Yes. Distance-only teachers will create new intervention/enrichment schedules for DL students and will meet with them in small groups twice a week.

Will we still be in a hybrid/DL model in August?

Dr. Clark, our superintendent, and MEDEA, our teacher's union, have both been very clear that they intend for schools to be fully reopened in the fall. However, the district is also looking into a DL option for those families that will still need it.

How do I get more information?

Feel free to email me or call our office at (925) 687-1700.

Welcome Back!

Principal Pappas


Please click here to access Valhalla's Handbook for reopening. Please take the time to review with your family.

*We have had copies available in the office available upon request.

Please complete compact for all in-person students:

This compact needs to be completed before students can resume in-person learning. It would be very helpful for us if you are able to fill it out as soon as possible:

MDUSD Family Compact in English google form
MDUSD Family Compact in Spanish google form


*We have hard copies in the office available upon request.

Daily Student Health Form:

All in-person hybrid students are required to submit a daily health assessment before they arrive on campus.

Please use the link below:

Daily Student Health Form: link English

Daily Student Health Form: link Spanish


*We have hard copies in the office available upon request.

2021-2022 Kinder Registration 

TK/Kindergarten Enrollment begins January 1, 2021


1. FIND Your Resident School

2. REVIEW the following before enrolling your student

3. APPLY online 

  • Please print your Aeries Online Enrollment summary upon completion

  • Currently attending TK students do not need to complete Aeries Online Enrollment. Your student will be pre-enrolled at their school of residence

  • Previously enrolled students do not need to complete Aeries Online Enrollment. Contact your school of residence with the required documents

4. REGISTER at your Resident School 

Call your school of residence for an appointment to bring in the required documents. Kinder Registration begins on February 2, 2021. You can pick up your Kinder packet in the office at Valhalla starting January 19, 2021. 

Due to Social Distancing requirements we will have a sign-up genius to make an appointment to complete registration for February 2, 2021 and later.

*Not going into Kindergarten, but still brand new to the district? Please follow steps 1-4 

5. REGISTER at Valhalla starting February 2, 2021.   Registration will be held by appointment only. 

For your registration appointment, bring your Aeries Online Enrollment summary and below required documents.

* Printed copy of online enrollment

* Immunization Record 

* Birth Certificate (original)

* Home Language Survey

* Kindergarten Questionnaire

* Student Medical Information form

* Student Emergency card

* Proof of Residency - Photo I.D. and two original documents with parent/guardian's name and address.  MDUSD accepts current car registration, state or federal tax return, current voter registration receipt, other form of communication from a government agency, property tax bill, payroll stub, tax return, or a current rental/lease agreement with parent's name, student's name and address, as well as manager or owner's name and phone number for required verification.  

The only documents NOT required on registration day are the medical & dental exam forms, which need to be completed before the start of school.  Medical form must be dated after March 1, 2021, otherwise you will need to complete again the following year.

6. TK/Kindergarten Intradistrict Transfer Applications will be available online only February 9 - March 9, 2021 

  • TK transfers for Two Way Dual Immersion and Bilingual Programs will be available online only.

  • Currently attending TK students wanting to transfer to a non-resident school can apply online only.

More information on TK and Kindergarten programs can be found here

Enrolling for the current school year of 2020-2021?

New students please follow steps 1-4 above.

Returning students please follow steps 1-2 and 4.

School Lunches
School Lunches
Pastries with Pappas
Pastries with Pappas

Our next virtual 'Pastries with Pappas' is May 14th at 9am. 

We will have 'Pastries with Pappas' the 2nd Friday of every month.


- Band and Orchestra will be returning Fall 2021

- 4th and 5th graders are encourage to watch this introductory video


A California Distinguished School Badge
Kindness Certified School 2019 Badge
School Schedule


Click here to be directed to district-wide bell schedule

Valhalla Events

**Currently we are not allowing visitors on campus, except to the office as necessary due to Covid-19.**

Once school is back in session on campus:

Please remember that all visitors must check in at the school office between the hours of 8:20 a.m. - 2:35 p.m. A "visitor" badge must be worn at all times.